About us

My name is Dee Wilson and I am the owner and designer here at Bozzy Bootz. I created Bozzy after the ongoing frustration of not being able to find casual thigh high boots; Cool, casual thigh high boots for the everyday women, the working women the mum.

I wanted to wear a pair of thigh highs in everyday life that made me feel confident ! Thigh Highs I could wear running my young kids to school, boots I could wear out! All day everyday. Bozzy Bootz have been created with love, time and passion. Meticulously designed and tested. They have been made with only the best materials that have made for a quality product! Bozzy is about feeling amazing but feeling comfortable and warm through the long winter months! 

Please get behind us and support small business and be a boss this winter in your Bozzy boots.