How the name Bozzy came about

How the name Bozzy came about

Bobbi, my now 3-and-a-half-year-old daughter has always been a laugh.  She was full on from the word go.  4 days of labour, 3 of them active, she just didn't want to do what she was told from the start.  Sat 3rd November she came in to this world with her eyes open ready to go. 

I come from 3 girls all of us Alpha females, not including the Mayoress Vanessa (our ma) how did I ever expect she would be any different ! 

My sister Sam, for as long as I can remember called Bobbi, "Bozzy".  Bobbi you’re such a Bozzy Boots. There was no way anything else seemed to fit.  The Thigh Highs were to be called Bozzy!

Thanks Aunty Ammi.

xx Dee

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  • Kelly Wilson

    A fitting and fabulous beginning for your “labour of love”, Dee! Every success, to you and your new business :-D

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